WINNER - Vanessa Cruez (MSU)
    1st RUNNER UP - Puteri Shazwani (UPNM)
    2nd RUNNER UP - Rheanna Deandra Tara (IUMW)

    MISS FITNESS - Nisha Alexandra Samuel (UPNM)
    MISS KNOWLEDGE - Alya Iman (UCL)
    MISS INTELLIGENCE - Liyana Hayatun Syamila (UPM)
    MISS VIRTUE - Chern Yun Yu (MSU)
    MISS PEACE - Nur Zulaikha (UiTM) Kelantan
    MISS HUMANITY - Irwana Naqiyah (PSA)
  • Meeting with Founder of Kelab Pemancing Wanita, Cik Mala about World Miss University event program. Very interesting and exciting discussion with them.
  • WMU Team Warrior is On Air on Saturday, 2nd Jun, 12-1 PM with DJ Nas from iM4U FM 107.9
  • WMU TEAM Meeting with Puan Sherry @ PWTC
  • WMU Local Search is to extending online register until 15 Jun 2018

World Miss University Malaysia 2018 Top 3 Winner



World Miss University Malaysia 2018 Top 11 Winner

Winner of World Miss University Malaysia 2018
Vanessa Cruez
Management and Science University (MSU)
1st Runner Up of World Miss University Malaysia 2018
Puteri Shazwani
Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)
2nd Runner Up of World Miss University Malaysia 2018
Rheanna Deandra Tara
International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
Miss Fitness
Nisha Alexandra Samuel
Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)
Miss Friendship
Nurul Husna
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
Miss Leadership
Management And Science University (MSU)
Miss Virtue
Chern Yun Yu
Management And Science University (MSU)
Miss Intelligence
Liyana Hayatun Syamila
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Miss Peace
Nur Zulaikha
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Kelantan
Miss Knowledge
Alya Iman
University College London (UCL)
Miss Humanity
Irwana Naqiyah
Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA)


“Beauty would save the world.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky


In commemoration of the United Nations’ “Peace Day” in 1986, the World Miss University World Organization Committee, founded by the World University President’s Council (IAUP), celebrates its 28th edition this year.

It began with the aim of spreading the message of peace and love all over the world. This event is a global peace festival held annually by female college students from world-renowned universities that combine intelligence, virtue, and fitness. The goal of the event is to harmonize different religions, ideologies, languages, skin colors, cultures, and many more

University students who have been selected from around the world. By announcing the message of love and peace to the whole world, we will unite the peace of the world and the people of the world together. At the same time, resolve conflicts between nations, eliminate war and ideological conflicts, and make peace and harmony. I think it is the basic idea.

The 28th World Miss Universe World Congress is the fastest way to achieve peace through economic growth in Cambodian. And the economic development of Cambodia based on the slogan of economic development in Cambodia.

In the meantime, the Peace Service Mission has been engaged in peaceful volunteer activities for the liberation from war, disease, and poverty, including Kosovo Refugee Service, helping elderly people, volunteering for the disabled, campaigning for the environment, fighting against drugs and fighting AIDS.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported. I would like to express our gratitude to the Director of IAUP, the General of Cambodia Hunmanet and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Somara.

Once again, I sincerely thank all of you for coming to the 28th World Miss University 2017. Thank you

Sincerely yours,
Seungmin Lee
Chairman of World University Peace Service Corps Foundation


On November 30, 1981, 157 member states unanimously passed a proposal submitted by Costa Rica to establish “International Year of Peace,” which was requested by the International Association of University Presidents in the 36th UN General Assembly. The UN resolution proclaimed the third Tuesday of September (currently fixed as 9/21) as “International Day of Peace,” while the 37th UN General Assembly proclaimed 1986 as “International Year of Peace”. Such decision by the UN became a turning point in dismantling the Cold War and ceasing the ideological conflicts in the East and West.

World University Peace Service Corps Foundation, which is registered as a non-profit foundation under Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of New York, headquartered in Manhattan, New York of USA. To increase the efficiency of reaching the primary agenda of World Peace Movement supported by International Association of University Presidents(IAUP), World University Peace Service Corps Foundation decided (*86.5.10) to establish a contest to celebrate the announcement of the UN`s “International Year of Peace”.

By 2015, twenty-six World University Peace Corps final contests have been held and contributed to promoting the world peace under the objectives of “the Peace Movement for the World’s Unification,” “One World, Humanity as Brothers and Sisters,” “Environment Movement of Humanity to survive on Earth.”

According to WUPSC’s objectives and purposes, World University Peace Service Corps Foundation, Inc has been made a great contribution towards the world peace, services, and other relating matters prudently and will carry on the effort in future.

Vision & Mission

The members of the International Association of University President, the executive board of Peace committee and all the parties are from all over the world, which proposed to the United Nations to set up the “International Day and Year of Peace” have resolved to adopt peace message unanimously as follows: Reconfirming that we are living in a global village with the spirit of global family and relationship between people must be defined as not be antagonistic, be cooperative, to promote friendly relations and understand each other cooperatively.

Keep this historical missing in mind, we strongly encourage observing in commemoration of the International Day of Peace as follows six points.

1. We shall take all actions necessary to save the earth and all mankind.
2. We shall endeavor to abolish all forms of racial discrimination and establish an international society for peace and friendship.
3. We oppose all wars regardless of the circumstances.
4. We insist on the abolishment of all nuclear weapons and the dismantling of all armaments.
5. We oppose the manufacture, sale of all chemicals that have an adverse effect on the natural environment.
6. Nations should engage in activities to promote harmony, friendship and cooperation in pursuit of the great global human society without war.

28 Years Recognizing Best Female University Students All Over The World

About World Miss University Peace Corp

World Miss University Peace Corp has initiated an event to select a World University Peace Service Corp delegation to deliver the message of love and peace to the world through global peace movement and environmental sustainability movement. The event was created in correspondence with the UN’s resolution of 1986: Celebrating the International Year of Peace.

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A Malaysian company that has expertise and experience in real estate and training. Other business includes outdoor media advertising. Smalltree Sdn. Bhd. has a strong network with international investor and partner.

Organizer Organizing Committee


Sneak Peek WMU 2018 MOU Signing Ceremony


Official WMU 2018 Launching

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Rule and Regulation

• Malaysian university female student
• Hold Malaysia identification card & permanent resident
• Healthy with no major illness
• Attractive personality, have interest in outdoor activities and humanitarian work
• Height of 1.6M and above
• Still studying in local/overseas and form public/private universities
• Age 26 below by 31st December 2018

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